Boschetto Pizza

Check Out Pizza Pomodoro’s Boschetto Pizza

From our wood-fired oven and hand made dough, made fresh daily, we at Pizza Pomodoro offer more than two dozen varieties of pizzas, including our chef-crafted specialties of –

  • Boschetto Pizza – a Neapolitan style pizza topped with garlic, baby kale, parmesan, truffle sauce, pork sausage, and melted mozzarella – cooked to perfection at more than 400 degrees for about 8 to 9 minutes. The price of this deliciousness is $23.

  • Pizza Pomodoro’s Pizza Bread – our handcrafted fresh dough is cooked in our wood-fired oven covered in garlic oil, oregano, and parmesan cheese. The price of this deliciousness is $8.


At Pizza Pomodoro’s, we offer the following beverage options -

  • Karma Cola – available flavors include lemonade, cola, and gingerella.

  • Coke – Coke, No-sugar Coke, and Sprite.

  • Phoenix – available flavors include Apple, Orange & Mango, and Apple & Blackcurrant.

  • Six Barrel’s - available flavors include cola six, raspberry, lemon, and ginger ale.

  • Moretti Zero Beer – from Italy, non-alcoholic beer.

  • San Pellegrino Water, New Zealand Mineral Water, Limonata, Aranciata, and Chinotta.


It is best to order online with our Google Play or App Store app to receive the fastest service. Note, at Pizza Pomodoro, we offer a delivery service to specific locations and a 10% discount for ten or more pizzas orders each day. We offer specials, free-delivery options, and discounts for our customers who choose to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Would you like to speak with Massimo, our chef at Pizza Pomodoro, about our menu or catering options? If so, please call him at 04 - 381 - 2929. You can also email us, but it will most likely take 24 hours for us to respond to your request.

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