Want to stock up on your favourite pizza?

We can prepare,

package & shrink wrap any pizza at no extra cost. We are adding also 2 other options 1) A prebaked pizza base with just tomato sauce and mozzarella $10 each, ready to bake in your oven with your own toppings. 2) A 3 packed plain pizza bases $15 pack, also ready for you to add any sauce and toppings of your choice 

They keep 5-6 days in fridge, depending on toppings

(use by date will be added), or can be frozen for up to 8 weeks.

They reheat beautifully in a very hot home oven (250 degrees) in just a couple of minutes. 

Must be ordered in advance. 

Orders must be placed before 11am,  

for pickup or delivery that evening or the day after. 

Email us your order to: massimo@pomodoro.co.nz