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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you charge for delivery?
    Our delivery fee starts from $8.00 (depending on delivery area) (minimum order $60 including delivery fee), or go to Delivereasy: No minimum amount required on delivereasy.
  • What wood is used to cook the pizzas?
    We use a mix of manuka and other woods, it gives the pizzas a great flavour.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    We deliver to the CBD and many central suburbs
  • Can we order a half and half pizza?
    Yes! Any combination. Extra $3.00 will be charged on top of the cost of the most expensive pizza of the 2 half.
  • How are Pizza Pomodoro’s pizza’s different?
    Our pizza’s are hand made, no premixes are used. Only fresh ingredients, imported and local, are used. Our oven is imported from Naples and is 100% only wood fired, not gas or electric. That's one of the reasons why we are an authentic traditional neapolitan pizzeria.
  • How can we pay for our pizzas?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS manual or paywave. We also carry a mobile EFTPOS machine for deliveries. PLEASE NOTE we do not accept cash or cheques on delivery, but we accept cash in store.
  • Can we eat in?
    We cater for mainly takeaway and delivery, but we do have two tables available for small groups and can cater to a group of 6, however you can find our menu at Goldings Free Dive Bar, adjacent to us and have one of their beautiful craft beer or wine. NOTE the pizza is out of the box and recyclable forks and knives are available if required.
  • Are you the only Pizza Pomodoro in Wellington or New Zealand?
    Yes we are. Pizza Pomodoro is not affiliated with any other pizzeria in Wellington or New Zealand.
  • Can you cater for functions?
    Yes, we frequently cater for functions large and small. Please call (Ph:04 381 2929) or email to find out more details.
  • Can we purchase wine or beer?
    No we are not selling alcoholic drinks, however you can find our menu at Goldings Free Dive Bar, adjacent to us and have one of their beautiful craft beer or wine
  • What hours are you open?
    Sunday and Monday Closed Tuesday 1PM-9PM Wednesday to Friday 12pm-9pm Saturday 1pm-9pm
  • Where can we find you?
    We are located in the Hannah’s Courtyard, accessible via Ghuznee St, or Eva St (off Dixon St). There is a map available here.
  • Do you use pitted olives on pizzas?
    We purchase pitted olives, but there is always the possibility that a stray pit may make it through, so be careful when you eat any pizza containing olives.
  • Do you have any Special Deals at the moment?
    Yes we do: Every lunch and all day Wednesday $16 large Margherita or Marinara (Pick-up only and no alterations on pizza) ​ Every day 10% discount For any order with a value of minimum $250 (after discount) Use code 203 if you order online (delivery or pick-up) Download our Free app and keep notifications on to receive exclusive deals and offers.
  • Do you have bases made without gluten?
    Yes! They are made without gluten, but because of our environment, producing mostly normal pizzas, traces of standard flour will be found. They are smaller than our regular dinner size (290mm diameter) and the price is $6.00 extra.
  • Allergy questions
    Please call us and specifically let us know your kind of food allergy. Included in some toppings, different ingredients are added. For example: Zucchini, Capsicum, Spinach and more, are seasoned or marinated with garlic, parsley or other seasoning. Please call us on 04-3812929 or email us to find out. If you can't reach us on that number, please call Massimo on 021-934494, if you are unable to talk to any of us, PLEASE ORDER A SIMPLE MARGHERITA and send us an email explaining your kind of allergy. We will reply as soon as we can.
  • We live outside your delivery area, but we would like to place a large pizza order."
    If you live close to our delivery area and if you order a little in advance we will be happy to organize your special request and come to your door, but please call us or email us to find out 04-3812929 or
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